Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2013 Degen Tweat of the Year: Round 1, Part 2

R1P1 results:

Significantly more votes on one of these matchups than on the other three. Huh. Moving right along:

(2) Misanthropes vs. (15) Hack in Vegas

Thoughts/context: The original stitched tweat.

Thoughts/context: Harsh? Maybe.

(7) Office Pools vs. (10) Bill Collects Flesh

Thoughts/context: Those offseason improvements sure went well.

Thoughts/context: Quite the FO showdown. #blockityBLOCK

(6) Yearning vs. (11) Rocket Car

Thoughts/context: Not quite what @NotNeifi meant, but we'll go with it!

Thoughts/context: Reminiscent of #DTotY14 Cinderella "Never Buy Picks".

(3) Such an Asshole vs. (14) Cities DOOMED

Thoughts/context: The 19-1 sentence still cracks me up every time. Insider tho.

Thoughts/context: It's too bad he didn't include Seattle in this tweet; Fezz really focused on how Seattle can never be the best team in the NFL in this summer 2013 Millman podcast.


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