Thursday, February 19, 2015

2013 Degen Tweat of the Year: Strong 7

The Elite 8 was a shitshow. Onward:

(2) Misanthropes vs. (7) Mkt Has Spoken
Thoughts/context: Has been a drama-free run for #teamMISANTHROPE thus far.

Thoughts/context: Technically eliminated in the first round, but how much of that was due to getting the #WOAT draw? Let's find out.

(3) Major Problems vs. (6) Smug Sense

Thoughts/context: The tweat that benefited the most from re-seeding. And voter fraud.

Thoughts/context: Cruised through the E8, but now faces a stiffer challenge in the S6.

(4) Such an Asshole vs. (5) Rocket Car

Thoughts/context: Rematch!

Thoughts/context: Rematch!

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