Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2013 Degen Tweat of the Year: Round 1, Part 1

The bracket:

(1) 12% ASG Swing! vs. (16) Gambling!
Thoughts/context: Can be found here.

Thoughts/context: Probably could have just given byes to he top four, tbqh.

(8) Major Problems vs. (9) Mkt Has Spoken
Thoughts/context: lol, no.

Thoughts/context: Sometimes RJ's posts provide keen insights into how he views the world. This is one of those times.

(5) Beyonce Cleavage vs. (12) Never Again
Thoughts/context: There was a Deadspin post written about this tweat, yet it's only the five seed. Strong field, IMO.

Thoughts/context: Good joek, Knuk.

(4) Smug Sense vs. (13) Na Ga Happen 2
Thoughts/context: Friend of the blog Billy did not appreciate my commentary, for whatever reason.

Thoughts/context: Seth is just building his #brand.

1 comment:

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