Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Degen Tweat of the Year: Elite 8

R1P2 results:

Updated bracket:

Now things really get serious:

(1) Invisible Ball vs. (8) Is This Earth?

Thoughts/context: Top overall seed managed to hold off its opponent despite the unfortunate timing of R2.

Thoughts/context: #math.

(5) Colorado vs. (13) Never Buy Picks
Thoughts/context: T$$D still has not answered the initial question.

Thoughts/context: This one was a bit underseeded from the start, apparently.

(2) Pregame DPRK vs. (7) Things Like Math
Thoughts/context: None.

Thoughts/context: All-important context here.

(11) Never Promoted vs. (3) Airbud vs. Sixers
Thoughts/context: Humbling.

Thoughts/context: Taught him everything he knows, ldo.

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