Monday, February 16, 2015

2013 Degen Tweat of the Year: Elite 8

R1P2 results:

Updated bracket:

What follows is likely the greatest collection of tweats ever embedded in a single bolg post.

(1) 12% ASG Swing! vs. (8) Major Problems
Thoughts/context: The presumed champ, but it's time to earn the official title.

Thoughts/context: Got a nearly impossible draw, but could be favored in the national semis if it does the seemingly impossible here.

(5) Beyonce Cleavage vs. (4) Smug Sense
Thoughts/context: Barely survived its first round matchup with a clearly inferior tweat, idk.

Thoughts/context: Seems like this pod was a bit light tbqh, fucking selection committee.

(2) Misanthropes vs. (10) Bill Collects Flesh
Thoughts/context: Dominated against another @thickSLICING sacrificial lamb in R1. Expect it to advance here but who knows, maybe @Knuk7 will steal this too.

Thoughts/context: Good luck.

(11) Rocket Car vs. (3) Such an Asshole
Thoughts/context: Not sure who this was directed at?

Thoughts/context: Oh right this fucking guy lol

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