Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Degen Tweat of the Year: Round 2 (Fezz & T$$D Regions)

R1P2 results:


Today's matchups:

(1) Invisible Ball vs. (16) Buying the Hook

Thoughts/context: No way.

Thoughts/context: She's really going to war on this one.

(8) Is This Earth? vs. (9) Cut Off Convo
Thoughts/context: #math

Thoughts/context: Nah.

(5) Colorado vs. (12) Hook Pop
Thoughts/context: Bumped this up to the 5 seed despite not getting a bye because I think it is a very good tweat.

Thoughts/context: T$$D is a fake shrap, and really an incredible presence in this region.

(4) Pros Blocked vs. (13) Never Buy Picks
Thoughts/context: Increasingly accurate by the day.

Thoughts/context: Dominated in R1, now we find out if that was just an advantageous matchup against yet another T$$D tweat, or if floks just love the straightforwardness here.

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