Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Word of Warning

I was just looking at this weekend's college football lines at BetUS. I happened to not be logged in to my account at the time. A sampling:

Pretty good prices, at least as of about 8:30 EST on Tuesday night. Juicy dog lines are pretty typical at BetUS. But then I logged in:

Wow, those changed quickly!

Oh, wait. No they didn't. They didn't change at all. If you go right now, UVa is still +20.5. The lines just changed when I logged in. So I decided to investigate via Live Chat:

(Click to enlarge)

What a classy organization.


  1. I noticed this as soon as I used BetUS for the first time. The lines I had been browsing were nowhere to be found when I deposited.

  2. Not surprising, it's pretty common these days from what I understand. It's definitely not just this outfit, but kudos for calling them out.

    I've always toyed with the idea of betting into the "sharp" line while at the same time having a friend across the country (on a different IP of course) bet the other side of the "square" line. I imagine around the key #s (3, 7, etc) this would be quite advantageous and put them in their place. A couple middles for the max (if done carefully and timed right) could be sweet revenge without them being any the wiser.

  3. You could actually do pretty well with the middling if you take dogs at BetUS and faves at Matchbook.

    Only if you could get the real BetUS dog lines, of course.

  4. Dealing separate lines to sharps happens elsewhere as well.

    Do they know they have an ad on this site?

  5. Calling my action at BetUS "sharp" is really stretching the term.

    Took the ad down, thanks for the reminder.

  6. I guess we know now why these guys have a F- rating or whatever at SBR

  7. Why would you play on a D+ book? Stick to Bet Jam, 5 dimes, Matchbook, etc.

  8. Most places will just cut your limits or kick you out if they don't want your action. Either way they will be direct about it.

    Dealing duel lines is so freaking unethical, and the sad part is that they will continue to get away with it because most of the consumers in this market are completely uneducated.

  9. BetUS has always been bad. My friend and I, when we were living together, used to make bets there and we would have different lines while we were both logged in at the same time from the same IP address because of our betting styles. We called them out for it then, and cashed out immediately. I'll never go back.

  10. Hehe this same thing happened to me and my buddy. We built a software program to monitor middling opportunities and whenever the non-logged in lines were monitored it would look like a bonanza - only to be deflated when we actually logged in and saw that they had "dynamically readjusted" the lines based on our "expert" status.

    I actually talked to the BetUS floor supervisor for about 1/2 hour. Some Spanish sounding guy, very shady like a used car salesman. The first 25 minutes of taliking was the run-around and then I called him out and he settled with me that my betting practices put me in a "special expert" category (yeah right). I told him that their advertising of lines was like driving by an all-you-can-eat restaurant advertising "$10.00 ALL YOU CAN EAT" and when you go in, sit down, eat all you can, the bill comes and they charge you $20.00.

    I actually got the guy to login and notice the lines. At first he said "I can't login because I don't have a username and password". So I gave him mine. And then he complained he didn't know how to navigate his own website (bulls***) so I babied him to the correct pages. Even after he saw the wide disparity he insisted it was something with the browser not refreshing correctly, so I explained to him that this isn't possible based on the size of the movement alone. Too many excuses!

    Unethical. They deserve their F-.

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