Friday, April 4, 2014

This Month in Degen Internet (3/8-4/4)

G.O.A.T. of the Month

#FF the indefatigable @GroovinMahoovin.

W.O.A.T. of the Month

So many options, but have to go with the individual who made this sign.

Tweet of the Month

This Month in Pregame

The worst podcast ever created.

The most recent Pregame scam was pretty standard.

One of the funniest forum posts you will ever read.


Fuck the NCAA Tweet of the Month

This Month in Tuley

A solid month of analysis -- as always -- from Dave.

Having football reporters cover the CBB tourney is a risky proposition.

#teamINTERNETFRIENDS Tweet of the Month

The Rest

Chad stroking his chin dot gif (thanks, Nick).

An interesting Deadspin piece on Sloan.

The unintended consequences of the 2011 NBA CBA.

An interview with one of the lawyers involved in New Jersey's battle to legalize sports betting.

Why are there so many conference tournament games in Vegas, but never any NCAA tourney games?

The NFL doesn't want Madden to be *too* accurate.

Schatz lol.


  1. Oh, I forgot all about this Schatz entry for this month's TMIDI - #WOAT #WOAT #WOAT

    1. lol was thinking about that one yesterday but didn't end up working it in (obv).

      *this week's TMIDI