Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 NFL Survivor: Week 13

Last week:
DET: L, 24-21
HOU: L, 13-6
NO: W, 17-13
KC: L, 41-38
CAR: W, 20-16
BAL: W, 19-3
SF: W, 27-6
GB: L, 26-26

No regrets. Another #bloodbath last week, with only 23.6% of OFP advancing, dropping us to 0.6% of initial entries.

Teams used: Lions, Eagles, Broncos, Colts, Packers, Bears, Falcons. 49ers, Seahawks, Saints, Giants, Texans.

(Not sure what's going on with all this? Click here for a primer.)

This week's consensus numbers from OFP:

Carolina (vs. Tampa Bay; Safety Rating™ 7.88)

Lots of good options this week, so I think the Panthers are too popular to use them here. Should be a very strong option when they host the Jets in Week 15.

New England (at Houston; SR 7.55)

Also a bit on the popular side, and their SR isn't even especially high. The Pats host Cleveland in Week 14, and Buffalo in W17.

Dallas (vs. Oakland; SR 7.99)

Very solid. Highest SR of the week; more popular than you'd prefer, but not too bad. The Cowboys also have zero future value unless Rodgers isn't back by W15, which seems very unlikely.

Cleveland (vs. Jacksonville; SR 7.31)

Not bad, but not as strong as the Cowboys given current SRs.

Detroit (vs. Green Bay; SR 7.07)

Already used. Decent but not great option otherwise.

San Francisco (vs. St. Louis; SR 7.71)

Already used. The 49ers have the best SR/pop combo for this week, although if you still have them and DAL, it'd probably be best to take the Cowboys and save SF for W16 vs. Atlanta.

Buffalo (vs. Atlanta; SR 6.09)

SR not high enough.

This week's pick is the Cowboys.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving VW;

    Who would you take if Dallas wasn't on the table?

    I've used Dallas, Detroit, and SF from your above selections. 6 of us left; would Cleveland be the preferred play?? Buffalo?

    I'd then be saving NE for next week; Carolina for week #15; Cincy for week #16

    Or should I take one of NE/CAR?

    If I went with NE, I could come back with Arizona in week #14 (home against St L).